5 Fun Things To Do With Your Trampoline – Without the Bouncing!

If there’s one thing you can count on kids to do it’s using their imagination. This blog will help you take a leaf out of their book with some ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas for getting the most out of your trampoline.

Cubby House

Whether it’s a cave to hide from monsters, a spaceship to take you to Mars or a venue for hosting tea parties, a cubby house holds a world of possibilities. Why not throw a sheet over your trampoline and create an adventure for the whole family. Remember that while your nosey neighbours might expect you to spend thousands of dollars on toys, your kids don’t know the difference. It’s the simple things that can create hours of fun and quality time everyone can enjoy.

Camping on the trampoline

This is another favourite option for birthday parties and a great way to get the screaming kids out of the house for the night. Try setting the trampoline up with sleeping bags, some snacks and a few torches. *Our top tip – Use a lightweight tarp over the top if it’s for overnight use. Condensation will make it feel like it has rained even if it hasn’t! Or if you have an igloo tent, you could put that up on the trampoline for a real life campaign experience.

Movie Nights

A great option for those warm summer nights – Try setting up the TV outside for a movie night. Build a comfortable pillow-filled area with a few sleeping bags on the trampoline and the whole family can settle in with some popcorn, plus no popcorn mess on the couch. *Our top tip - this is a great activity to get the older kids involved with.


Ants and other annoying creepy crawlies have ruined many a picnic, this is where the trampoline can be your saviour. Set up a rug on the trampoline, lay out a spread of delicious food and enjoy some family time in the great outdoors. *Our top tip – Keep the cutlery away from the trampoline and of course no jumping around the food!

Performance Stage

Do you have a budding performer in the family desperate for a stage to showcase their skills? We suggest setting up some audience seating around the trampoline and let your kids put on an open-air performance. *Our top tip - Don’t let the little ones get to big for their boots and start acting all diva-like around the family. All jokes aside, this is a great way to foster young one’s talent and get them used to crowds and performing.

Drawing Board

Every parent knows the joy of walking in to a room and finding your little Picasso has done some interior designing of their own. Even worse is when you’re renting and your bond is in stake! Swap the crayons for some chalk and let the artists express themselves on the trampoline. The best part of this one is you can hose it off when they’re done or let the rain do the work for you. *Our top tip – Try drawing some hopscotch squares out for hours of fun.  

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